The luxury of effortless entertaining

Intimate Settings offers the perfect combination of coordination, creativity, and concierge finesse. We can orchestrate every aspect of your event, staying true to your vision while working within your budget and time frame.


Whether you want to host a brunch buffet, a formal dinner party or a holiday celebration, we will make it happen. From wording the invitations, to employing a private chef or caterer, from designing and staging a beautiful table, to selecting the background music,  we have the experience and expertise to oversee every detail.  With us on your team, the pressure is off your shoulders. You can enjoy your party along with your guests.

The art and the etiquette of dining

Mother was right.  Manners matter and courtesy counts. Intimate Settings conducts workshops on the art and etiquette of dining. These workshops are brimming with facts and historical anecdotes, related in a charming and informal manner. They unravel the mysteries of what goes where, when and why. The “art” workshop is dedicated to examining entertaining etiquette  and to creating beautiful table settings.  The “etiquette” workshop is a guide to and explanation of the rules and practices of social or business dining manners.